Sunrise in the clouds and the fire smoke in Grand Teton National Park

It has been a year already since I started my switch from Micro 4/3 to Fuji. Why Fuji? Mostly for the ergonomics and the pure fun of shooting with those cameras. Image Quality has never been a problem with Micro 4/3. I do get better dynamic range and I prefer the Fuji colors. I always shoot RAW or RAW + JPEG, but I found that The X-E2 and X-T20 can produce superb JPEG files. I still have my Panasonic LX100 for hiking and running.

How was it so far?

The transition was smooth. I started with the X-E2 and 23mm f/2 in September. I also bought an EF-X adapter so I could use my huge 35mm f/1.4 from time to time. I got an old Praktica 135mm f/2.8 cheap on eBay. In November, I added the X-T20 with the 16-50mm kit lens. In December, I bought the 50mm f/2. This setup answers 80% of my needs. I could live with only the 23 and 50 f/2 lenses. I use the kit lens for vlogging since it is stabilized. It's a nice walk-around lens but I still prefer shooting with primes. The 135mm is nice, but it has its limits: too much chromatic aberrations and not that sharp wide open. It has a really nice bokeh though. I'll come back to that later.

What am I using at the moment

 Il y a un an, je migrais doucement vers Fuji pour la photo/vidéo en achetant le X-E2 de mon ami Dominique. Je ne regrette pas mon choix. Chaque fois que je prend un de ces appareils, j'ai du plaisir.


  • Fuji X-T20
  • Fuji X-E2
  • Panasonic LX100
  • Xiaomy Yi 4k


  • Fujifilm 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
  • Fujifilm 23mm f/2 R WR
  • Fujifilm 50mm f/2 R WR
  • Rokinon 12mm f/2
  • Bower 35mm f/1.4
  • Praktica 135mm f/2.8


  • MePhoto BackPacker Air
  • ONA Union Street Messenger Bag
  • ColorChecker Passport
  • A bunch of filters
  • Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal for the action camera or smart phone

What am I missing?

The slow-motion of the GH4 was really nice in video. That's about the only thing I miss for the cameras. I'm looking at the Fuji X-T2, X-H1 and X-T3 for this reason. Slow-motion and log profile would be a nice addition. I also miss my Olympus 75mm f/1.8. The 135mm is ok, but it's not good enough. The 90mm f/2 could fill that void. It would be really useful when I take photos of dance recitals and running events. That will probably be my next purchase.

Where do I go from here

Since I'm not doing professional photography anymore, it's hard to justify some items. Would I like to buy a 55-140 f/2.8 IS? Sure but I can't really justify the 2000$CA price tag. With the years of experience, I also stopped rushing to buy things. I use my gear and time usually tells me what I need instead of what I want. In the last few months, the lack of reach was annoying. I would also like a weather sealed body, with better video capabilities, but I can still manage to do what I want with the X-T20. It's good enough... for now. Is the X-T3 enticing? You bet! But investing in lenses is (almost) always a better choice than upgrading a camera body.

Here are some of my favorite photos of this first year with Fuji. I did not put any photos from our summer road trip because I want to do a separate post with those.