Hi everyone,

It's been way too long since I blogged about photography. I plan on getting back to it in a couple of weeks. I miss it. Blogging three to four times a week takes a lot of time, especially with photography. I don't want to have a rigid schedule like I used to. The good side was that I was taking photos everyday, and that is the part I miss.

Photography is still a part of my life, although a lot less than when I was a professional photographer. In the last year, I saw the number of photos I take dwindle. That's why I want to come back to blogging.

I have been running a LOT and have my big "A" race next weekend. That means I will need to take it easy after that, so I will have more time for photography.

Mya and Roxy say hello! ;)

New Camera Profiles

A lot of people asked me to make camera profiles for the more recent camera models from Panasonic and Olympus. I'm really happy to see how many people love them and use them. I plan on working on them in October. I don't have an ETA nor do I know which camera model I will be working on first. If you want one for a specific model, let me know in the comments below.