Once a weekly post, My Life's Journey, like the rest of the blog, has taken the back seat for the last two years. It's tough to take the time to write again, but at the same time, I missed it. Like many things in life, the more you do it, the easier it is to find time, but skip it a couple of times and it becomes easy to find reasons not to do it.

Taken with the Yi4K

Taken with the Yi4K

So where have I been for the last two years? I guess I needed some time away from photography. I shot my last wedding in October 2015 and I needed a break. I retired from the photography business before my love for the art transforms into disdain at grabbing a camera. I was still taking pictures, but it was less natural to take my camera with me all the time. I was more in souvenirs mode than artfully crafting photographs.

Running took a bigger part in my life at that time too. I was training since 2012, but October 2015 was when I wandered in ultra-distances... basically, everything that is farther than a marathon, usually on trails. For the last two years, trail running has been a fun way to escape the day to day world. There is almost nothing better, for my heart and soul, than being on top of a mountain.

I would often bring my trusty LX100 with me. I also bought an action cam, the Yi4K, for its small size and awesome quality. My last race of the season was about a month ago, and it was the first time I did not bring a camera with me on the course. It was a huge challenge for me... 110km on trails in Gaspesie, Quebec. I wanted to be as light as possible. I did recorded the trip though.

My favorite photo from that trip. Coffee while camping = happiness :)

My favorite photo from that trip. Coffee while camping = happiness :)

This fall, to rekindle the flame, I decided to buy a new camera. New toys often have that ability to get me excited. I decided to buy a used Fuji X-E2. I always loved the Fuji colors and I wanted more dynamic range than my micro 4/3. My pick for a lens, not surprisingly, was the 23mm f/2. I thought about selling my GH4 and 75mm but had an offer for my GX7+20mm+45mm. That was a tough decision because this combo camera + 2 lenses was my favorite of all time. I knew that with the new Fuji + 23mm, the GX7 would not be used often so I let it go away, in good hands.

Fuji, with their firmware updates, took care of the nagging things that I did not like in the Fuji X-T1, when I tested it three years ago. The Fuji X-E2 is a joy to use. The reasons I love it are the same as why I love the LX100: physical controls. The camera feels good in hands and you can adjust the settings really fast, without the need to get into menus. It's highly customizable too. The 23mm (35mm FF equivalent) has always been my favorite focal length. This one is small, lightweight, fast focusing and has a really nice rendering.

I also bought an adapter for my old Samyang 35mm f/1.4 (EF mount) and old Hanimar 55mm f/1.7, my father's old SLR lens from the 70s. That's my kit, for now. That and the LX100. I still use my GH4 + 75mm for race pics or events that I do for fun. At some point, I would like to add a Samyang 12mm f/2 and a longer focal for portraits, but I'm in no hurry. It will depends if I decide to sell the GH4 or not. Here are some photos taken with the adapted lenses.

Where I'm going next? Well, training for the next season started yesterday. My goal for 2018 is to run my first 100 miler, after I hit 50 years old in April. For photography, I need to decide if I'm going fully into Fuji. Will I need a second body and a couple of lenses? Sometimes, I think about getting back into the business but only for specifics segments: Portraits and Food Photography. No more weddings nor family sessions for me. One thing, for sure, I want to create more often. What about you guys and gals? Any exciting projects and/or gear?

Some random pictures taken with the Fuji X-E2 over the last month.