Many people asked me to develop my Chrome camera profile for the new micro 4/3 cameras on the market. I was (really) slow to do it but I now added the Chrome profiles for the following cameras:

  • Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II
  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II
  • Panasonic DMC-G7
  • Panasonic DMC-GX8

What is a camera profile?

This is a camera profile, not a preset. You can use camera profiles in Adobe Lightroom or in Camera Raw (for Photoshop). You use it to calibrate what the colors look like. For example, you might want your red to look a bit more orange. You might want some aqua in your blue. Etc.

A camera profile works for a specific camera. Lightroom/Camera Raw don't even list them when you look at a file from another camera. For example, if you have the GX7 Chrome camera profile but open a file from a GH4, you won't see it listed under Camera Calibration in Lightroom.

A camera profile is the base on which you will do your post-processing. I like to select it first or right after my white balance correction. After that, I adjust my exposure, contrast, curves, etc.

What is the Chrome camera profile?

The Chrome camera profile is based on Fuji Classic Chrome film emulation which is based on the Kodachrome film. Why didn't I develop it straight from Kodachrome? Because it's not available anymore and I don't have any photographs taken with that film. I used to shoot Fuji films more than Kodak and I did not shoot color reversal films often.

Before and after

Here are some examples of the camera profile in use. The left (or top) photo is with Adobe Standard and the other one is with Chrome. 

They are available from the Store section of Mirrorless Journey or directly below.