This week is a special week: I will turn 47 Friday. It was a very busy week since it was shorter than usual with Easter.


My daughter went skiing for the last time of the season. We took a walk with the boys near the river, and fed some Chikadees. I love those birds. They are so friendly and joyful. A Nuthatch came to say hello. Roxy was overexcited. Dogs are so easy to satisfy. Go take a walk and they are the happiest living beings in the world. The pictures were taken with the Panasonic 100-300mm on the GH4. I was not sure I wanted that lens at first. I was afraid it would be crappy like my old Canon 75-300mm. That lens had so much chromatic aberration that it was not usable, and I'm not even talking about the lack of sharpness. To my surprise, the 100-300mm is very good. It is sharp, has good contrast and the stabilization does a good job.


Thank god! The week is over! I went to my favorite micro-brewery to get something to drink for my birthday tomorrow. This mini-keg is sooooo cute! :)


Happy birthday to me! 47... That is getting awfully close to 50, Yikes! When am I allowed to freak out? Let me tell the youngsters among you something very important: The older you get, the faster time pass by. My daughter starts high school next fall and my baby starts elementary school. All I can say to you is cherish every moment with the ones you love. Do what you love. Love what you do. Take some time to have fun. 

We started this day with a very good breakfast. Since it was a holiday, there was a lot of people and I think my boys were about to eat the table while waiting for their meal. It was worth the wait though. After that, we went to buy some things for dinner. As you could guess by now, our life revolves around food. :P

When we got back home, I went running with my wife and daughter. We have a race together in one month, for school. It was the best gift my daughter could give me. Add to that a beautiful sunshine with 15°C (that's 62°F). Mya wanted to play outside too but she is not allowed to.

You remember the beer I bought yesterday? I cooked some pretzels to eat with that! If you never had homemade pretzels, you are missing something. My wife made iced tea for the kids with small fruits. While we were cooking, my daughter was doing her nails. She is VERY good at this. Mya likes the smell, but I do not agree with her. For dinner, we had salmon tartare. It is one of my favorite recipes of all time. Just writing about this and my stomach cries for more. It was a great birthday with the people I love the most! I wish many more like that :)