I'm ashamed to say there was no Week 21 because I did not take any photos in that week. None! Nada! Shameful. I am also lagging behind for posting articles on the blog. It is not for the lack of idea, but more for the lack of time and motivation. After six months with at least 3 posts a week, I burned myself out a bit. Writing three posts a week, alone, is a lot of work. It takes time to write and it takes even more time to select and edit the photos to go with the article. I took a much needed step back, but I will come back with more interesting stuff soon. I will do it at my own rhythm. After all, this blog is my hobby, not a full time job. I love writing, but I have three kids, a wife, a dog and a cat. I also have a life! That's kind of a new concept these days with social media and all that. ;)

Speaking of life, this week was a very busy one. Saturday was the annual show for the Street dance school where we all take lessons this year. There were practices every evening. I brought my camera for a couple of them.

For the show, I used three cameras. The GH4 was on a tripod at the back with the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 on it. I used it to film the show in 4K. There was two shows, and I ended up with 128 GB of movie. Yikes, my hard disk is crying!

For the photos, I used the Panasonic LX100 and the GX7 with the Olympus 75mm f/1.8. It is a really good combo. I was able to cover everything with that. I was shooting in manual. My wife was able to cover me when I was on stage dancing.

Here are some of the pictures from the show.