My wife and I are a bit unconventional at what you might usually expect a man or a woman to do. For example, having to chose between the lawn mower and the vacuum cleaner, she would cut the lawn and I would take the vacuum. We are really not in stereotypes. We do what we like and we encourages our kids to do the same. My boys played with dolls and dressed as princesses. Who cares? So who did my daughter turned to when it was time to dye her hair? Me. On a side note, I'm the one cutting my boys' hair. She wanted some red in her hair. We tried a semi-permanent red dye that she bought with my wife earlier today. It looks great on her.

After that, I had help to cook what is beginning to be a habit on Sunday: pizza! It was delicious, especially with a beer from the local micro-brewery Le Siboire.


My dog and my cat really are the Yin and the Yang ;)


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I've been out playing with Roxy a little bit. I did not take many photos this week. Those few were taken with the Panasonic GX7 and the Olympus 75mm f/1.8.


The kids had the day off at school, and I was only working in the afternoon. We went out for breakfast all together. We love eating breakfast. I could eat breakfast three times a day and never tired of it. After that, we let the boys play their games under my daughter's supervision while my wife and I went running.