I am still testing the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 this week. I have to send it back next Monday, so I brought it everywhere with me this week. 


It seems Spring Break is not long enough, so the kids were still on holiday today. It was snowing when we decided to go on cross-country skiing my boy and I. I brought the FZ1000 with me, even though it is not weatherproof. There is a high speed mode on the FZ1000 that can shoot slow-motion video at 120 fps. Here is a video straight from the camera, and some photos too. :)


It was a slow day at work, so I cooked a bit and snap some pictures of Mya and Roxy. I made peanut butter. The ingredients? Peanuts! That's it!

I hurt my knee when I went running. Nothing serious, but I sat down in the popping class and took photos instead of dancing. What is nice with daylight saving time is the sun is setting when we get back home instead of when we leave for the class.


Mya and Roxy were my test subjects again with the FZ1000. The sharpness of that camera is surprising, even wide open at the long end.

I made some bread today. It was one of the best I made yet. I should probably take notes on what I put in them. That one had chia and sesame seeds, some rye and oat flour, and the usual flour, salt, water and yeast. 

It was a beautiful day. I went outside to shovel the snow off the terrace. I also tested the continuous auto-focus of the FZ1000 while playing with Roxy.


Saturday is hip-hop day for the kids, and it is a good place to test high ISO. When I got back home, I found Mya comfortably relaxing on my wife's lap. Aren't they beautiful? :)