My wife was going on a short trip with her parents and sister. The kids and I decided to go out for lunch. I have great kids. I can bring them anywhere and they behave, they are polite and they are not too loud. They all started drawing, the minute we sat down at the table. I was the turbulent one today. We had a good laugh and a good meal. I wish my wife has been there with us, but she had fun on her side too.

Running Intervals

Running Intervals

Monday to Thursday

I don't know why, but for as long as I remember, I have been like this. When I want something and can't find it, I make it. I don't know if it is a curse or just curiosity. Usually, I don't know exactly where to start, so it is a learning process at the same time. In my teens, I learned to play guitar by myself. I was already a good violin player, so guitar was easy. Early 20s, I read a few books and started developing my films in my bathroom. When I went to live with my girlfriend, I started to do some woodworking to build a TV/stereo/books cabinet. I could give you other examples, but let's say my mind is hyperactive even when my body is not. Curiosity and purpose drive me in life. Where am I going with that? I was searching for a simple Android app to do my intervals. The last time I did some programming was in 2005 when I built my software for my osteopathy business. I was rusty. A lot!

I told you last week that I started to follow a training program from Jeff Galloway. His method is to alternate run and walk segments. The basics behind this is when you take walk break, your muscles and joints will work in a different way, and you will reduce the risks of injuries. I am trying that because I don't want to completely stop running to heal my heel (I got it right this time Dave ;)). I already use a very nice app to run: Runtastic (I also have used Runkeeper and Strava in the past, and like them both). I still want to use it to record my runs, but I want a simple app just to give me sound feedback when it's time to switch from running to walking, and the other way around. After losing a couple of hours searching for the right app, I decided to lose a couple of days to code one. Talk about being rational :P

Anyway, this is not related at all to photography, but I'm proud of the version 1.0 of my app. Here is a screen shot. You choose your ratio, enter the time of the first interval, and when you click start. It will alternate between the two intervals until you hit stop. Simple and to the point. :)



Mya is not supposed to be on the kitchen table (that I made), but he really does not care, especially when the sun is shinning there. Like every Friday, my wife was at home with my youngest boy. He is so happy on those days. I was not working either that day, so we cook (surprise!). My wife always find it disgusting, but I often put Nutella over my peanut butter. Following on a recipe she's doing for homemade Nutella, I decided to cook homemade chocolate peanut butter. It's delicious. The kids and I are loving it. My wife likes it too, but she told me it's like eating dessert for breakfast. It's a lot healthier that what you can buy though. There is only three ingredients: peanuts, semi-sweet chocolate and a bit of milk to prevent the spread to be too stiff.


Even if it is cold outside, the older kids are officially in Spring break. They both asked us for skis and they are both happy today. My girl got a pair of second hand alpine skis and my oldest boy got brand new cross-country skis. They both had to try them around the house. We are planning a lot of skiing in their one-week long holiday. Saturday was such a great day. Everyone was happy. It is a great way to start the Spring break.