Another quick, but useful, Adobe Lightroom preset this week. You can apply a Develop Preset when importing files into Lightroom. In the Import section, there is a panel on the right named Apply During Import. The first option, Develop Settings, is where you select the Preset you want to apply to the photos while importing.

It can be useful for many reasons. Let's say you are often shooting in the same studio and you made a preset to adjust the white balance for your studio flash. You can apply it on import, so when you sort out your photos, they already look good.

Another example: let's say you use my Chrome camera profile instead of the Adobe Standard one. You can make a preset with the right camera profile and apply it on import. You don't need to check the Camera Calibration section of the Develop Module every time.

Just below the Develop Settings, you have the Metadata dropdown. That is where I automatically set my copyrights informations. You can also add keywords on import to describe your shoot so it is easier to find later.

Have a nice weekend :)