It is still ungodly cold outside but I'm frustrated to not be able to do my long run. My Achilles' heel hurts. I will only do short runs for the next week. Sunday is usually my long run day but I just went for 15-20 minutes. It's like showing a candy to a kid, without giving it to him. Mya is getting better. He's still slow, and sleeps a lot, but at least, he is interested in his surroundings.


I told you last week about my Winter funk. It shows in my pictures again this week. I have no inspiration at all, and the cold does not help. This morning, I went for a short run at -27°C. The funniest part is I found it comfortable. It was the first day in three weeks that there was no wind. I told myself I had to take pictures, but the only interesting thing was my bowl of homemade cereals with some dried cranberries and dark chocolate.


Another run today but at -7°C. Waaaaarrrrmmmmmmm! Yay! It was such a beautiful day. A teasing for the far away Spring. I am trying a new way of training. I will follow Jeff Galloway's method of run-walk-run for the next couple of months. I will see if it's easier on my calf and Achilles' heel.

When I got back from running, I went for a long walk with Roxy. She was as happy as me to be outside, and to play in the snow. To put a smile on your still sleepy face this morning, here she is, shaking off the snow.

The first photo, below, is with the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 in C-AF on the GH4. Even if there is no DFD information in the camera for Olympus lenses, the GH4 had no problem keeping the focus on Roxy running toward me. That was just around the house. When we left for our walk, I brought the Panasonic 100-300mm. It also did a good job in C-AF, as you can see.


It was a day off for everyone in the family. We cooked together and it was fun. Mya was comfortably sleeping in the bookcase. :)

Not many photos or story to tell this week. I will get out more with Spring getting closer. This winter is especially cold. We usually have warm days pretty often, and sometimes rain between the snow storms, but not this Winter. With Global Warming, we will see more extreme weather like this. I lived in Sherbrooke for the last 27 years of my life and it is the coldest Winter I can remember. Cold or not, get outside and go take some fresh air. Have fun! :)