Every week for the last 6 years, I have been listening to a great podcast named This Week in Photo. I learned and laughed so much over the years listening to that. I also discovered many photographers I didn't know. 

TWiP is a round table of people talking on photography topics. The host, Frederick Van Johnson, is joined by different co-hosts every week. They can talk about anything as long as it's related to photography. That is what I listen to on my long runs training. People must think I'm crazy for laughing alone when running.

Many things have changed over the years, especially the last one. TWiP is now a network of podcast. It started with the addition of All about the gear, hosted by Frederick and Doug Kaye, in august 2013. Last year, a bunch of new shows have been added on specific subjects. Let's jump to a quick interview I did last week with Frederick and then I will come back to some of the changes of 2014 and what is to come in 2015.

Interview with Frederick Van Johnson

For people who don’t know you, can you tell us who is Frederick Van Johnson and what is your background?

That’s a pretty deep question, but the gist of who I am can be found at http://www.frederickvan.com/about

This Week in Photo is now 6 years old and you are almost at the 400th episode. You were there at the start with Scott, Alex, Steve and Ron. Do you plan to do a special episode with all the “old” guys to celebrate?

We’re now thinking of the best way to commemorate the 400th episode. Any ideas welcomed! :)

I’m sure there are lots of memories about the show. Do you want to share with us a few of your favorite moments or favorite guests?

I guess my favorite moment was that first time Alex handed me the microphone to host, and the cold sweats that followed. Another was the time I got to interview Joe McNally… one of my heros.

There has been a lot of change in the last year with TWiP. It started with the addition of the All about the Gear podcast and it evolves to TWiP network. Can you talk about that?

Most of this is answered in the post I just wrote called The TWiP Manifesto 2015.

You can now subscribe to the site. What are the member benefits?

Members get access to exclusive member only content, free access to the Marketing for Photographers ecourse, free entry at all virtual and live TWiP meetups and seminars, deep discounts at all of our upcoming workshops and events, member-only pricing in the TWiP Shop, access to webinar replays, and much more.

Are you planning to offer online training like CreativeLive, KelbyOne or Lynda.com?

Yes, we are. But we’re taking a different approach to it.

Can you tell us what you have planned for 2015?

We have a ton of new projects underway that will launch in 2015. The most obvious is our webinar series. Some of the other projects include strategic partnershipos with key players in the industry and incorporating other popular podcasts under the TWiP umbrella.


TWiP Network

Like I said earlier, This Week in Photo added a lot of shows last year. The original podcast is still rolling but they now offer more specialized ones. It is tough to talk about everything in a one hour show. At first, I was wondering if they were diluting the show but it is so far from what happened. TWiP is now covering many different subjects with different hosts. I mentioned earlier All About the Gear with Doug Kaye. Here are the others.

Street Focus

Hosted by Valerie Jardin, this show is dedicated to street photography. She's doing interviews, virtual tour of some cities over the world, doing photography challenges and answering listeners' questions. Valerie is so nice and kind, always willing to help. She's very interesting. 

Your itinerary 

Rob Knight is talking about his domain of expertise: travel photography. You can here interviews, follow him on destination workshops and learn some tips and tricks that will help you.

Twip Talks

This used to be a part of the main show, but they cut it out because TWiP was becoming too long. In this show, Frederick interview leading photographers.

TWiP Weddings

Hosted by Bryan Caporicci, Bruce Clarke, and Robert Evans. The show features a variety of discussions and interviews with some of the top wedding photographers on the planet. It is brand new and should be very interesting for anyone willing to dab in wedding photography.

The other shows

Two new shows have been added in 2015. I did not have the chance to listen to them yet.

  • The Fix : Hosted by Jan Kabili, this show is dedicated to post-processing
  • Emerge : Hosted by Giulio Sciorio, he will talk about new things like 4K Photos, drone photography and other new technologies available for photographers.
  • They might add other shows like one dedicated to Sport photography. Be sure to check them out over the year and to listen to them. It becomes addictive.


There are already three webinars available on TWiP, but many more are already scheduled. Here is a list of those already in the works:

  • The Travel Junkie – The Photographers Guide to the Universe
  • The Ninja Photographer – Doing more with waaay less!
  • Video for Still Photographers
  • Social Media Marketing for Photographers – How to Win Followers and Influence Friends
  • Advanced Ninja Tricks for Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Starting your Wedding Photography Business
  • Street Photography for Shy People

The webinars are free when you watch them live. If you miss them, you can buy them for a very small fee from the website. They are available free of charge for TWiP members. The membership fees are only 99$ for a year, and there is a monthly and quarterly subscription model as well.

Head over to This Week in Photo and download a few podcasts. I am sure you will get hooked as I was 6 years ago. 


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