I started the week the way I finished the last one: working on my Chrome camera profiles. I would be tempted to say I'm done but I keep getting requests for other camera models. Having all the trouble I got with the GH4 made me learn things though. I think the next ones will be easier to make.


My little boy had a cold. That's a good reason to cuddle. Even sick, he is still very cute. Roxy took the pose for me too. Those were shot with the Panasonic GH4 and the Olympus 75mm. I love this lens, and I don't use it nearly often enough. That is on my resolutions list for 2015: use that awesome lens more often.


Just when I thought it could not get colder! The wind was almost unbearable. So what did I do? I went running and I went taking pictures outside. Insanity is taking over. But, but, but... the light was gorgeous. I saw a rare diffraction phenomenon too. There was a kind of rainbow halo around the sun. It was not going all around but it was visible on the horizon. The light was diffracting from an ice cloud. You can see it closer on the last picture.

Ça sent bon #bread #baking

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After reading the ingredients on the sandwich bread we usually buy at the groceries store, I decided that it was over. From now on, I will make all the bread we eat. I like to bake and everyone is happy when the house smells of freshly-baked bread. I should start a poll to see how long people think I will do this. I already make bread almost every week: french bread, bagels, pretzels, piadina, pizza dough, etc. I will just add sandwich bread to that.

I had plans to go shoot the Milky Way. It was almost the new moon and the weather was not too cold. I packed all my things and headed out at 9:30 pm, but unfortunately, there was a thin veil in the sky. I could see the stars but I knew I could not get a good picture that night. Maybe next time.


In the evening, I had a meeting for a school trip we plan for June. It is so exciting. With all the kids from 6th grade, we, re going to hike in the White Mountains for three days. On the second day, we're climbing LaFayette mountain. I did it almost 25 years ago and I still have fond memories. It will be great to do it with my wife and my daughter (and all her classmates). On my way to the meeting, I tried to do some photos but nothing great came out of it. Here are a few ones.


I worked only in the morning. In the afternoon, I went out with my beloved Panasonic LX100. I had some things to do downtown and then went to walk by the river. It was getting cold so fast. I ended up with some nice shots.

I discovered today that I can now shoot in RAW with my phone. I have a Nexus 5 but only got the update to Lollipop this week. I downloaded a nice app called Manual Camera and it allows me to shoot RAW. It can also manually set the ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and shutter speed, as well as manual focusing. The app produces a DNG file. At 15MB a photo, the Nexus 5 will fill up fast, and it does not have a micro-SD slot. It could be fun or useful from time to time.

RAW Photo from my Nexus 5 post-processed in Lightroom.

RAW Photo from my Nexus 5 post-processed in Lightroom.


What a beautiful day we had. It felt like spring was here early. We played outside but not as much as I wanted to. I made some bread and delicious Torsades. Two kinds: bacon-cheddar and basilic-dried tomatoes. We have a food truck in town named Pain Voyageur and they make awesome Torsades (and other kinds of bread). I don't have their recipe so I always try something new. This time, I think I was very close.

My daughter decided to paint her door. She's a very talented self-thought artist. I gave her some tips on how to make multi-colored flowers and showed her some pictures of what real cherry trees look like. Cherry trees are one of the wonders of mother nature. I showed her pictures of Japan in the spring and some traditional Japanese drawings. She already had a drawing she made earlier that day but that helped her understand how to paint the flowers. I knew she was good, but she still surprised me. You can see some picture of her work in progress.