Bye bye Fuji, back to Panasonic. It was time to send back the gear to Fuji Canada. They were great and very friendly. If you want to know what I think about the cameras: Fuji X100T here, and Fuji X-T1 here.


Do you have kids? It seems we never stop celebrating their birthdays. That's what you get for having family members all over Quebec. We drove to Montreal to brunch with my sister-in-law, her daughter and my wife's parents. I really think my life revolves around food. It's a good thing I worked out hard last week because the food was really great. The most important thing though was my boy was happy we were all together. Food was great, we had fun, what more can you ask? He was tired though and he almost fell asleep on the table before we left.

It was a good way to test my LX100 Classic Chrome Color Profile for Lightroom. I was still in the Fuji Color mood. What do you think about it?


We had some snow falling all day. It was beautiful. I was busy but I found time to take some pictures and play outside with Roxy. She looooooves snow. I finished packing up the Fuji and sent them back today. It was an interesting month. I could have done better reviews with more time. Two cameras to try and evaluate while having family gatherings for the Holiday was a bit too much. I still had fun and got the feeling of them. I'm excited to see what Fuji will come with next.


Well... Work and Popping!


Besides my family, the three things I like best are photography, running and coffee. My coffee shop is downtown and I always bring my camera with me. I admit that I'm a bit more lazy in winter. I usually hibernate while playing World of Warcraft or something like that. This year is different though. No game relapse yet. The Panasonic LX100 continues to amaze me and I always want to shoot with it. And finally, this blog pushes me to shoot more often if I want to have something to tell and to show. All that to say I brought my camera and took some pictures while getting some coffee for the espresso machine (yeah, I know, I should get a grinder).

The other days

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday were used to work on my Chrome camera profiles. You know when you have a little project that you think will take you a couple of hours but you go way bigger than you initially thought? Yep, you wake up after five days wondering where they've gone. All I wanted to do was a Chrome camera profile for my LX100 because I like Fuji's Classic Chrome. While at it, might as well do it for the GX7. I talked about this with a few friends and they wanted it for their cameras. So I spent way too much time on this (especially the GH4 profile that gave me trouble) and now have it for 12 cameras (Olympus and Panasonic). I hope you will find them useful and fun. I at least took a photo of Mya that still sleep, from time to time, in her cardboard box that we made for her first day at home.

Mya still sleeping in her cardboard box from time to time

Mya still sleeping in her cardboard box from time to time