It is my last week with the Fuji. I have to send them back next week. You can read what I think about the Fuji X100T here, and about the Fuji X-T1 here.


That was a self-punishing day. My wife and I have been running for the last two and a half year. We still have some fat to lose (especially after the Holidays). Although she only wants to lose a few pounds, I would like to lose a few dozens. How did we start the year, after eating too much for the last two weeks? We took pictures of ourselves in our underwear. We also took measurements and our body fat percentage. Like I said: self-punishing. Talk about a good way to start a day! I won't show those pictures yet, but I will show a before and after... if there is an after :P.

Late Christmas gift for my dog: A new bed ;)

Roxy half-asleep on her new bed.


Last day before school starts over. My daughter was knitting a scarf and my youngest one was helping me taking pictures (kinda). Mya fell in love with Roxy's new bed.


How cold can it get? It was -21°C without the chill factor. My daughter was going skiing with her school. Brrrr! To morally support her, I went out with the Fuji X-T1. I wished it was made of plastic instead of metal. It would have been easier on my hands. I took a few nice shots before being turned into an icicle.


Workout and work, no photo. :(


Since Mya steels Roxy's bed most of the time, I made one for her in the bookcase. It worked! Not for long though. I wish she would use it more often because she is so cute up there. :)

#pizza maison pour une fête de gars :)

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You know when you are tired and don't check what you are doing? That was me on Friday. We went to have lunch with the boys and I brought the X-T1 with me. I was sure I was in Auto-ISO. It turned out I was on H2. All my RAW files were 6400 ISO underexposed photographs. Oh well! It is not like it was a wedding or something important.


The craziness starts again. Dance lessons are back and it was my boy's birthday party with his friends. It was a day of parent's taxi duty and cooking. I was able to squeeze a short run in that schedule too. It was fun though even if having five 10 years old boys for dinner can be a test of patience and an ear-buzzing experience. They all slept over. What we do for our kids... lol. Like I said, we love to cook my wife and I. She made the best chocolate cheese cake I ever tasted, and we made a pizza bar. Four different kinds of pizza. Here is an Instagram of it.

Mya and Roxy made peace over the famous bed. :)

Peace treaty over Roxy's bed