Hey! It's my first week with the Fuji X100T and X-T1! Happy dance! Maybe not! What are my first impressions? Well, I'm having a love/hate relationship so far but I will keep you waiting a bit. It is too soon to give an honest opinion. All I can say is I did not fall in love with wither Fuji the same way I fell for the LX100. I can also say I love the results i get from both cameras. Let's recap the week.


What can I say... we like to eat. We also like to cook. That means you will see us cooking and eating or you will see food photography throughout the year. I spent part of the day working on my Classic Chrome color profile for the LX100. It's looking good. I think I finally have my final version after over 30 iterations. It is not 100% perfect but I don't think I can make it better than that. Here are some examples of where I am so far. On the left is the Fuji Classic Chrome, on the right is the one I developed for the LX100.


With all the rain they were forecasting for Christmas, we went to play in the snow while we still had some on the ground. Better late than never, we made our Christmas tree in the evening. I don't know for you, but December just flew by this year. 


Long day at work. People want to feel better before Christmas. Next Tuesday, I will see people who hurt themselves dancing on the tables on Christmas' Eve. It's always the same thing and it makes some good stories to tell. :)


Christmas' Eve!!! The kids are so excited. It brings up fond memories from the past. Santa stopped by overnight, so we open some gifts in the morning. In the afternoon, we went to my in-laws and open some more gifts, ate too much, drink a little. Thanks to my wife to help me test the Fuji. She used the X100T all day.


Merry Christmas! We had a two and a half hour drive to go to my brother's. It's always like this at Christmas. I remember when it was worse though. We were celebrating Christmas' Eve with my in-laws in Sherbrooke or Montreal and on Christmas day, we had a 10-12 hours drive to celebrate with my parents. Now, we do this in Quebec City since my three brothers live there. It is less stressful and more enjoyable. That's what I like best about Christmas. Not the road! Nooooooooooope! But being with people you don't see often enough, chatting and laughing.


After a couple of days like that, everyone gets tired as you can see in the pictures below. We had to drive back home, but there was time for some cuddling before leaving.


Are you serious? You can't expect me to take photos everyday! I'm not sure what I did on Saturday. My guess would be: Surviving.

Have a nice week and an happy New Year. I wish you plenty of interesting photo projects, some new gear (that's always fun) and a LOT of fun using your camera.

Did you have a nice Christmas? Did you get some Photography related gifts?