Sunday (and Monday)

Shooting vidéo/photo today. :)

Une photo publiée par Eric Côté (@talanis) le

I was excited to get up on Sunday. The day was looking fun and interesting. My oldest boy had a BBoy workshop. I was attending too, but as a photo/videographer. My knees are too old for bboying, or as we called it when I was a teen: Breakdancing. I can still do some tricks but I have 50% chance to hurt myself doing them... lol.

I was not sure what I would used so I brought everything. I filmed with the Panasonic GX7, GH4 and LX100 (of course). The GX7 was shot in 60p in case I wanted to do some slow motion. The other two were shooting 4K in 24p.

I tested an old Fujinon-TV C-Mount Lens a friend gave me. It is a 18-108 f/1.8 and in video, you don't see the corner of the lens. One day, I will have to test this lens extensively. The range is great. 

I also used the following lenses:

As for the toys, I used a steadicam, a tripod, a video monopod and a slider. My boy did some slider shots of the second group of dancers. He is getting good at this. He is able to move smoothly and with good consistency.

Monday was editing day. Editing video is quite a challenge, especially when you are dumb like me and don't plan anything before the shoot. When I got back from the workshop, I had 132 clips (31 GB) of B-Roll. I did not have any storyline. I started by looking at each clip, rating them and adding a small description: type of shots, position, action. It helped a lot assembling the video. I did it in a chronological order. I tried to keep it dynamic with short clips of different angles. Here is the result with some of the photos too.

On a side note, the GH4 is really good at high ISO. Comparing to my old Canon 5D Mark II, I would say there is a bit more noise at ISO lower than 3200 but when you get above that, the GH4 beats the Canon. There is noise but it is more grain like and it keeps more details. Here is an example at 12800 ISO. I was shooting in shutter priority at 1/500s to get the boys in action when I pulled up the camera to take a portrait of Emmanuel. The one on the left is the unprocessed RAW and on the right, it is my final image processed in Lightroom.

Panasonic GH4 and 100-300mm at 240mm, f/6.3, 1/500s at ISO 12800 (Left = unprocessed, Right = processed in Lightroom 5.7)


I worked all day, so I did not have much time to photograph anything. I did find some time for a good lunch though. My wife and I like to cook. Since I made multigrain bread on Monday, I thought a chorizo omelette would be nice with it.


They were forecasting a big snowstorm. We had about 6 inches of snow overnight, but it was mix of snow, rain, hail and ice during the day. I was lucky enough to be spared of all that when I went running in the morning. I had some intervals planned. I brought my LX100 (in my hands) so it was a run/photo intervals training. The snow was heavy and sticky which always makes beautiful landscapes.


Since a couple of years, maybe more, winters are warmer. You get snow one day and it melts the day after. I went for a little walk and the weather felt more like spring than late fall.


Twenty one years ago, I kissed my girlfriend for the first time. We were sitting side by side and were looking at photos. It was in slow motion like in the movies. Our shoulders were touching. We leaned our heads slowly toward each others, turned slightly and our lips met halfway. After 21 years (and 3 kids), I'm still madly in love with her. My in-laws took the kids for 24 hours so we could celebrate just the two of us. Since snow is not pilling up too high, we went for a hike on a small mountain close to town. The scenery was beautiful and we laughed a lot. We love our kids and we bring them everywhere, but it is still fun to do something just my wife and I. 

After the hike, we went for dinner and laughed some more. We fell asleep in front of a movie with the cat and the dog close by. It was a fun day. I love you sweetie!

Hey! I can't finish the week without some photo of Roxy! So here is a few from Friday morning. Saturday was dedicated to Christmas shopping.