It seems winter is not sure if it should come or go. We went from snow, to melting warm, to freezing cold in just a couple of days. Let's see how it affected us. You can find last week's post here.


My boy wanted to go slide on the snow since last Thursday, but we had a busy week. Sunday morning, we went and we were all alone. It was a good timing because almost all the snow melted before the end of the day.

The Hot chocolate was very good when we got back home. Mya was happy to see Etienne. Keep the camera at hand, you never know when you'll get a cute moment like that :).

Nothing like a little kiss. <3

Nothing like a little kiss. <3


Don't you think it's tough to wake up on Monday? Well, Mya feels the same way.

Do I really need to wake up?

The kids had a day off from school. While my youngest boy was taking a nap, I went out with a new apprentice to do some photography. We tried some Strobist shots with the Panasonic LX100. The high speed sync is great. I was lazy and used TTL though and the results were all over the board. I got some nice shots but it is too unstable to use it in a real shoot with a client. Setting everything manually will allow me to have consistency in the results. I love Roxy's photo.

We also took some nature photo. I thought there were water droplets on the leaves, but it was ice. The temperature dropped fast during the day and everything froze in place.


Tuesday was so cold. -20°C when I woke up (that's -4°F). When I got back from my morning run, I played outside with Roxy, and took some photos of the little bit of snow we got overnight. I also found a dandelion that still had its seeds on it. Strange for this time of the year.



Une photo publiée par Eric Côté (@talanis) le

I often talk about running. Sorry, but I love it and need it. Three years ago, I was 30 pounds heavier and completely out of shape. Going through a wedding was rough, and I was worn out for two days. Since I have three kids, it's not easy to find time to train. Running was the easy solution. When they leave for school, I go for a run. I try to do it 3 to 5 times a week. Last year, I ran three half marathons even though the year before, finishing a 5 km was a challenge. It made a big difference in weddings. Not only was I more in shape physically, but I found out that I was able to stay in the zone through all the day even when it is very hot outside. Weddings are tough on the system and it's not unusual to go in a kind of stupor at some point. It's harder to think about everything, and you get less creative. Being in good shape helped me a lot with that. Anyway, that was just to say I went running Wednesday morning, and here is the view I get on my usual road.

When I got back, I went to find something to shoot in the woods behind my house. Winter is really setting in. I found out those leaves that, for me, represent well this part of the year between fall and winter. I wanted to give this image a filming look with a lot of grain. It's hard to explain the feeling you get in the creative process sometimes. When I took this photo, I wanted it to look old. I have no idea why. I played in Lightroom for some time, and finally got this image that I like.

Since I was outside taking picture, Roxy was with me, running all around and having fun in the snow. It seems she needs to do a funny face every week so here she is again in the spotlight. I love that little furry girl. :)

I made the first prints from the LX100 and the quality is very good. I'm ashamed to say that the pictures in my office were 4 years old. I don't print often enough. That could be an entire post in itself. I really need to print more, and put more photos on my walls. The biggest I did was a 12" x 16" before running out of ink. I want to make a 24" x 36" from the LX100 to see how good it is (or how bad). 


I received my order from Peak Design. I am now the owner of the CapturePRO Camera Clip and the new Slide camera strap. I wish I had the CapturePRO this fall when I was hiking. Getting the camera in and out of my backpack was a pain. I got lazy, and the camera stayed more often than it should be in the backpack. That leads to missed opportunities. Teaming the CapturePRO and the LX100 will be great for hiking. I will have to test if I prefer it on my shoulder strap or at the belt.

Peak Design's CapturePRO Camera Clip

Peak Design's CapturePRO Camera Clip

I bought the Slide mostly for my GH4. I wanted a camera strap that I could remove fast to set the camera on a tripod or monopod for video. I have two BlackRapid R-straps but when you want to switch to video, you have to unscrew the connector and screw back the baseplate, which is a hassle. I also find that the camera is swinging too much when you have to move fast. That is one thing I like about the Slide: the camera is more stable. Another thing I like is that you can adjust the length fast. You can also switch from neck, to shoulder to across the body. I do not have extensive usage of it yet, so I will wait for a full review of the products to state my final opinion. If you are interested in those products, you can use the promo code MJ2014 when ordering. That will give you 10% off any order above 19.95$:

Peak Design's Slide camera strap

Peak Design's Slide camera strap


Now that I have my camera strap for my GH4, I want something stylish for my LX100. I made this board on Pinterest for ideas. I have always been a DIY kind of guy. I like crafting. Even in MMORPG, I spend a lot of time crafting. I love woodworking. I used to draw a lot. I even knit and crochet. So I decided to craft a camera strap of my own. 

First problem: when I got to the shoemaker store (that's where you can buy leather in my city), he was not there. I went to fabric stores instead, and in the second one, I found some inspiring materials. I decided to make a braided strap and another simpler one. Once again, YouTube got to the rescue: I was able to learn how to braid with 4 strands. I like the result. It's not my leather strap yet, but it will come in time. It sure is better looking than the tiny neck strap that came with the LX100. It's also more comfortable and does not slip when I wear it on the shoulder.

The two camera straps I made last friday :)


Saturday is usually taxi day. Today was even worse than usual. I have two kids who have their hip-hop dance lessons on that day. To add to that, two of them had friend's birthday parties too. I still found some time for photography while waiting for my girl's lessons to be over. There was some snow falling and I went to Sherbrooke's old train station that has been converted to a market. In the winter, they put a Ferris wheel there and a big Christmas tree. I have to go back when it's dark and snowing. It should make beautiful pictures.

Between two "taxi" rides, we found the time to go eat all together. Here are some pictures from Saturday, all taken with the Panasonic LX100.