Hiking near Sherbrooke

When I am hiking, I usually have my camera stored safely in my backpack. Sometimes I keep it hanging around my neck but when it gets rough, I put it away. When we reach an area with a nice view, I remove my backpack, get the camera, take some pictures and put it back before starting up again. What happens after a few times? The camera stays in the bag while I rest. This is a sure way to miss nice photo opportunities.

When I saw Peak Design's CapturePRO Camera Clip, I knew right away I wanted to try one. It was on my wish list for some times already. After buying the Panasonic LX100, I hoped it would be the perfect team.

December 12th is always a special day for me. Twenty-one years ago, I kiss the girl of my life for the first time. Each year, my in-laws take the kids and we do something special. This year, we started with a small hike near my hometown. We already had some snow but not enough for snow shoes yet. The scenery was awesome. It was the perfect time to test this camera clip.

The CapturePRO is made of two part. An Arca/RC2 compatible baseplate and the clip. You can put the clip on a backpack shoulder strap like on the photo to the right, or you can clip it to your belt if you prefer. It's easily done with two screws. The design of the clip makes it solid and it does not slip once the screws are tightened. I ordered an accessory microplate which is designed to fit smaller cameras like the LX100.

To remove the camera, you just push on a red button and pull up. To replace it, you slide the baseplate down until you here the click. I was not sure if it would be in my way. I was afraid to hit the camera with the poles. I never even came close. It was strange at first to see the camera hanging there, but I got used to it quickly.

Is it useful? Yep. It sure is. You always have the camera at hand and it takes only a moment to be ready to shoot. With the LX100, it's great because I can remove it with one hand, take some shots while walking and put it back there after. I would do it with the GX7 too. I did not try it with the GH4 and a long lens. I don't know how it feels with a big DSLR. Maybe it would be more balanced at the hip instead of the shoulder strap.

Randonnée pour nos 21 ans de couple :)

What I did not like? It's nothing about the design but more about me always being afraid of dropping my gear. For the slow pace hike we were doing, it was alright. Next spring, when I start on rocky paths, I will buy Peak Design's Leash to secure the camera to my backpack. I was always afraid of not clipping the camera safely on the CapturePRO. The other thing I am afraid is when I start running, is there any possibilities of the camera falling down? Based on the design, I don't think so, but just to feel more secure, I'll put a leash on it.

There is a standard tripod screw hole under the CapturePRO so you can put it on a tripod or monopod. It can be useful if, like me, you have two different kind of baseplates that are not compatible. (I know I need to change that.)

Peak Design's CapturePRO camera clip with an additional microplate.

Peak Design's CapturePRO camera clip with an additional microplate.

I used it at the hip last Sunday when I was shooting a dance show. I had the GH4 around my body with Peak Design's Slide camera strap and the LX100 at my waist. It was useful but once again, I was afraid of dropping it on the ground. I did not have a lot of place to move around and people were passing close by. I was always afraid of people bumping the camera. All went well, but once again, I would feel more secure with the leash. Moral of the story? If you buy the CapturePRO, buy the leash too. It's another 35$, but you will have peace of mind.

You can buy the CapturePRO straight from Peak Design's website. They ship fast and have good customer service. You can get 10% OFF any order above 19.95$ by using the coupon code MJ2014.