Christmas is coming way too fast. Your better half is a photographer and you are trying to find something for him/her? Here are a few suggestions. This post replace the usual Tip for this week.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Printer

I have an Instax Camera and we have a lot of fun with it with the Kids. We usually use it when we go on vacations to put some pictures on the fridge when we get back. The camera is big and bulky and the quality is not very good. Fujifilm put this little printer on the market this year and it prints the same way as the instax mini. You can print from your Android or iOS phone/tablet. That means you can use your Mirrorless Camera and print right on the spot. If you have the X100T, you can print straight from the camera.

You can see Bert Stephani use it in a nice way for street photography here.

Western Digital My Passport Wireless

I have been using My Passport drives for many years without any failures. They are part of my backup solution. They launch recently the My Passport Wireless. It's a hard drive with WiFi and a SD Card Slot. You can configure it so that when you put a SD card in it, it copies everything to the hard drive. That, in itself, is worth the price. But that's not all. The drive also has WiFi and you can access it with your electronic devices: phone, tablet, laptop, etc. You can share your files with up to 8 devices. You can get up to 6 hours of video streaming or 20 hours in standby. It has a USB 3.0 interface for quick transfer when you get back home.


Top of Giant Mountain, Adirondacks, NY

Top of Giant Mountain, Adirondacks, NY


I like hiking. When I went to the Adirondacks in late September, we had a blast. The scenery was awesome, especially with the autumn colors setting in. Having a camera dangling from your neck for 7 hours is not the best idea though. It will hurt, but you can also crash it easily if you slip. What do you do then? Put it safely in the backpack. When you want to take a picture, you need to remove the backpack, get the camera out, take the photo, and put it back in. After a couple of shots like this, the camera stays in the backpack until you get to the summit. That's the reason why I bought the CapturePRO. I want my camera available anytime I want and I want fast access to it. I will clip the LX100 to the shoulder strap of my backpack so I won't miss photo opportunity.

If you want to buy one, use the coupon code MJ2014 to get 10% off for any order over 19.95$ in the Peak Design Store.

ONA Bags The Bowery

You can never have too many bags. I have an ONA bag, The Union Street Messenger, and it's the most beautiful bag I have ever owned. I used to use it all the time with my full frame gear. I don't use it as often now with the smaller cameras. I take it when I want to bring everything, but not when I just go out for a walk. I have my eyes on The Bowery for that. These bags are not just good looking, they are well made and sturdy. They are also very comfortable. Did I say they were beautiful? I want one!!! 

Camera Straps

That's another photographer's problem. Did you ever find the perfect camera strap? I would say it depends on the camera and on the job. I just received my new Slide from Peak Design. It will be for my GH4 and my GX7. It's a versatile strap that is quickly adjustable. You can also remove it fast to put it on a tripod, monopod, slider, etc. That's very useful in video. You can use it as a neck strap, a shoulder strap or sling strap. You can also use it to stabilize your footage. It's large and comfortable. It comes with four anchors and an Arca-compatible baseplate. Don't forget the Coupon Code (MJ2014) if you want to order one. It will knock 10% off the price.

I have eyes on an ONA strap for my LX100. I want something stylish. They have some really nice ones but I'm not set yet. There are so many good looking camera straps out there.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom 5 is at the center of my Workflow. It is an essential tool for me. It allows me to catalog my photos, back them up, edit and process them, put them online and print them.

An Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription would be a good gift idea too. The Photography Plan is only 9.99$ a month and it includes Lightroom and Photoshop.



Some other ideas:

  • ND Filters, Polarizers, Graduated ND Filters... Not exciting but always useful. Make sure to get the right size.
  • A Fast Card Reader for transferring the photos to the computer.
  • A nice Notebook. Not the computer, the actual thing made of dead trees that you can write in it with a real pen. It is nice to be able to take notes when you shoot or to just put down ideas or make drawings.
  • Gloves with either touchscreen sensitivity or removable fingers.
  • Lens and Camera Cleaning kits.

Those are only some ideas. I might add some more before Christmas so check back from time to time. Don't forget the most important though: Spend time with your loves ones, care for them, and tell them you love them.