I'm a keyboard guy. I like to be fast when I edit and process my photos. Here are a few Lightroom shortcuts that I use in my workflow.

Library Module

  • G: Grid Mode
  • - and = : Change the size of the photos in Grid Mode
  • E: Show the selected picture in Photo Mode
  • F: Go to the Full Screen Mode with the lights out
  • N: Show only the selected photos. It helps to choose which one is the best when you have 3 or 4 that look the same. When you want to eliminate one, click on the X in the lower right corner of the picture.
  • C: Comparison Mode for comparing two photos together. You can zoom in this mode
  • L: Lights out
  • 0-5: Number of stars
  • 6-9: Color Code
  • P, U, X: Pick, Unflag or Reject the photo
  • B: Add to the quick collection
  • J: Toggle information above the thumbnails in Grid Mode
  • I: Toggle information above the photo in Photo Mode
  • TAB: Toggle the sidebars display
  • Shift-TAB: Toggle all bars display
  • V: Convert the photo to Black and White or change it back to Color
  • CTRL-A and CTRL-D (CMD on Mac): Select All and Unselect All

Development Module

  • D: Switch to the Develop Module
  • R: Resize and Crop Tool
  • W: White balance color picker
  • K: Brush Tool
  • Q: Patch Tool
  • M: Graduated Filter Tool
  • Shift-M: Radial Filter Tool
  • Z: Zoom In/Out
  • J: Show the overexposed (red) and underexposed (blue) areas in the photo
  • O: Toggle the Mask when using the Brush Tool. Toggle the Composition Overlay when using the Resizing Tool.
  • H: Toggle the Markers when using the different tools
  • Y: Split the screen to show the Before and After
  • \: Toggle between the Before and After
  • Double-Click: Reset the setting when you double click on it. Holding the ALT key will show you the resetting option too.

I hope this will be helpful. For me, it speeds up the editing and post-processing a lot.

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