I'm so excited! I received my Panasonic DMC-LX100 today from B&H Photo. Here is the unboxing video. I had a little time to play with it and so far, I love it.

Lightroom does not support the LX 100 RAW files yet, but Tosvus on the Mu-43 Forums mentioned that AlexO over at EOSHD found a quick fix for that. The LX100 has the same sensor as the GX7 so he is using a little software to change the Exif Info of the LX100's raw file to trick Lightroom to think it is a GX7 file. The software is named ExifTool and is available from this link.

EDIT: Forget the following part, Version 5.7 of Lightroom now support the LX100

The installation instructions are not that good on the Exiftool website. Here is what you should do. Let's suppose your files are in a directory named C:\Images\LX100.

  • Download Exiftool then unzip it
  • Rename it to exiftool.exe
  • Copy it in your C:\Windows directory
  • Run a command prompt. On windows, you can use Window-Key+R then type cmd and hit the Enter key (or go to the Start Menu -> Run -> cmd)
  • At the command prompt, type cd Images\LX100
  • Type: exiftool -model="DMC-GX7" *.rw2
  • You will get a message once the files are converted. You can then close the command prompt and import the files into Lightroom. Exiftool makes a copy of your original files and renamed them with the extension RW2_original.

It works like a charm and now you can work on your raw files in Lightroom (Thank God!). You can get the Panasonic LX100 from this link.