I tried many things so far with the Panasonic LX100, so why not test it in studio. If you want to read what I think about this camera, here are some links:

I was alone with my daughter and after doing my pleading eyes trick, she accepted to play the role of the model. She is eleven heading way to fast toward twelve and high school next year. There isn't any word to say how much I love her.

Being my daughter, she was born with a camera in her face. That means she is relax in front of the camera and I can ask her anything. I like her penetrating gaze. She seems to try to reach into my soul. She also perfected the pleading eyes. We call it Puss'n Boots' gaze at home, in reference to Shrek. She's a master at that, and I have a hard time saying no when she asks me something with that stare. The pupil has surpassed the master long ago... lol.

Back to the studio shoot. I used a large octobox with a grid for my main light source. There was also a smaller softbox on the opposite side, to her back. The main flash was controlled by a radio transmitter on the LX100 and the other was set in optical slave. I shot between 1/160s and 1/1000s, thanks to the leaf shutter. Aperture was between f/2.8 and f/6.3. The image were processed in Lightroom.

How did it go? Very well. The only weird thing was the white balance. It was set for the flash color. That means that everything was yellow with the modeling lamps on. That's not a big deal because the image had a good white balance when I was reviewing them. The modeling lamps were enough for the LX100's autofocus. Being able to use high speed is nice in studio. I can see how helpful it will be with small kids jumping around everywhere. Usually, shutter speed does not affect the exposure when you shoot with flash. Only the aperture matters because the flash duration is smaller than the time the shutter stays open. Oddly enough, when I went to 1/500s and then to 1/1000s, my exposure dropped. I am not sure why, but I assume someone with better knowledge of the physics of light and the electronic of flashes understands. In other words, I don't care, I adjusted the flash power or the exposure as needed.

Here are some of the photos we made together my daughter and I. As usual, feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below.