There are many things you can automate when you import photos in Lightroom. For one thing, you can write your Copyrights information right into the IPTC data of your photos. 

  • Start by going into the import pane. You don't have to do it in the import panel, there are many places you can define Metadata Presets but since we are talking about importing photos, let's use this way of doing it.
  • Click on the Metadata drop-down in the Apply During Import section (in the right side panel).
  • Click on New...
  • Scroll Down a bit and you will see IPTC Copyright
  • Fill in the information you want to embed in your file
  • Name the preset Copyright (or any name you want)
  • Click Create
  • Make sure the Copyright preset is selected in the Metadata drop-down menu when you import files and all your Copyright info will be in your files when you publish or export them.