We are lucky to have so much information available at the point of a mouse. The internet offers a lot to people who wants to search a little and take some time to learn. I will sound old (and I'm getting older by the minute) but when I was young, all I had was the Grolier Encyclopedia and the local library. Now, the possibilities are almost limitless.

It can be hard to find the information you want though. Below, you will find my favorite links to online knowledge. Many are mirrorless oriented but others are about photography in general.

Podcast: This Week in Photo

I follow This Week in Photo (TWiP) since their first podcast in 2008. I learned so much over the years and laughed quite a lot too. Frederick Van Johnson is a great host that knows photography and is able to get the best out of his co-hosts. Recently, they started to add some more podcasts. Two are available at the moment: All about the Gear and Street Focus. Two more are on the way. One will be about travel Photography and the other one will be about Mirrorless and will be hosted by Giulio Sciorio. You can find all that on their new website.

Blog: Mirrorlessons

Heather and Mathieu are interesting to read and although I never met them in real life, I'm sure they are great people. They do a really good job of mixing reviews, interviews and stories on their blog. You won't see an MTF chart there but you will see gear used in real life. They just started a micro blog on Tumblr linking interesting articles from everywhere.

Another noteworthy blog is the one from Ming Thein. He is not specific to Mirrorless Cameras but his blog is really well written and worth the time to read.

Forums: Mu-43 and associates

There is a great community there. If you have a question, you can find years of knowledge and very helpful people. At the top, you can see links to forums for other types of mirrorless cameras and serious compacts.

News and Rumors: 43rumors, Mirrorless Rumors, Fuji Rumors

Who isn't interested by rumors? Some of them make me laugh, some make me salivate. But those sites are not just about rumors, you can find news and links to other people's work.

Photography: Petapixel and Fstoppers

Petapixel is like the news network of photography. They talk about anything related to it. Like any news, some are interesting and some are not. Fstoppers, for me, is more like the Discovery channel. You never know what you will find but it is often something funny or very interesting.

Phoblographer is also a nice website with News, reviews, tips, etc.

Reviews: Too many good ones

Camera Labs gives you in-depth reviews of cameras and lenses and it is often one of my stop when I'm trying to decide if I will buy a lens or not. Steve Huff Photo is also a nice place for reviews and for his Daily Inspiration section where you see posts from people all around the world.  I also like Jordan at Admiring Light. Finally, if you want very technical analysis (charts), check Photozone.

For Video Reviews, my favorite place is The Camera Store TV but I also like DigitalRev. They make me laugh.

Videography: DSLRVideoShooter, LearningDSLRVideo et Philip Bloom

Three sites I like to visit for video. They are a good place to start.

Learning: Creative Live, Lynda.com and KelbyOne

Creative Live is, IMHO, THE best place to learn creative things. They offer free courses when you watch them live but you can also purchase any past courses for a price that is totally worth it. I learned a lot from them.

If you want to learn software, any software that you can think of, Lynda.com is the place to go. They have hours and hours of video tutorials that you can watch on your computer, phone or tablet.

KelbyOne is a good place to learn about photography and the Adobe Creative Suite. They have some great teachers there like Joe McNally and Scott Kelby.

I'm totally a fan: DedPxl 

I discovered Zack Arias when researching tutorials on shooting White Seemless. I became a fan. I love the guy. I love the way he writes. I love the way he teaches. I love the way he speaks and gives his opinion without really bothering what people think about it. His video Transform came at just the right time for me in my photography life. You have to read his blog. Go! Now! ;)