Everyone in my family loves dancing. My daughter and youngest son are doing Hip-Hop, my wife likes Funky, my oldest son is a B-Boy and he's Popping with his old dad. Last spring, he had a Breakdance workshop. There was some things I wanted to try in video so I jumped on the opportunity. I wanted to watch the workshop anyway so why just sit in a corner when I can practice.

I did not have any time to plan ahead. It was a last minute decision. In Video, not planning is like running into a wall. Since it was not for a client, it was not critical but I still wanted to produce something good for the kids and the dance school.

I always keep all my batteries charged and my memory cards empty (when I have my multiple backups) so I can be ready to go fast. I packed up my gear in my beautiful ONA Union Street Messenger Bag, grabbed my Slider, Steadycam and Monopod and left for the workshop. That is one of the greatest thing about Micro 4/3. If I wanted to bring all those things when I was using a Full Frame, a way bigger bag would have been meeded.

Here is the short video I produced of the Workshop.

The Editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and the music is from The BBoy Federation.

For the gear selection, you might notice I had no tripod. I chose to left it at home for two reasons: Mobility and the Safety of the kids. These kids are good and they have some great power moves so there's no way I'll set up a tripod near a 14 years old kid spinning around in mid-air. You need to adapt to those situations and be able to deal with it. 


The message behind this post is not about gear though. It is about opportunity. I am a husband. I am a dad of three wonderful kids that are growing way too fast. I have a 1 year old dog and a 2 months old kitten. I do not always have free time to go out and shoot or film things. I am not the only one trying to deal with family life and work the best that I can. So why not mix fun and learning whenever you have the chance? School expedition? Music recital? Family picnic? Bring the camera. 

To make it more useful though, try to set a goal for the day. I am always trying to learn something new. I'm an avid reader. There are also a lot of online learning places you can go like Creative Live, Lynda.com and Kelby One to name a few. Learn something new then the next opportunity you have, go practice it. Give yourself a goal for that school expedition. Keep it simple so you can enjoy the activity. Plan ahead and at the end of the day, take some time to think about your goal and what you did to reach it. Should you succeed or fail, it doesn't matter. You will learn something out of it.

Just remember to have fun!