Sunday afternoon, my 9 years old son is bored. Like really really bored. My daughter invited a friend over and my youngest son is taking his afternoon nap. The two friends he tried to invite were not there. I sat down beside him and asked him if he wanted to be my cameraman for the day. He went from completely bored to over-excited in less time that it takes to say camera.

I had this idea of doing a short clip of me walking around with a small camera. I had two shots in mind but no planning whatsoever besides that. Once again, filming without a plan is such a bad idea. Still, better shoot something, anything, than letting the camera in the bag. Anyway, the idea was just doing something fun with my boy. I packed up the GH4, the GX7, a couple of lenses, a slider and a steadycam.

My son was really excited by the gear. We went downtown, I set the exposure and white balance and I showed him how to walk while holding a steadycam. After a couple of tries, he got the hang of it and he did a good job. Filming in slow motion with the variable framerates mode of the GH4 helps with the steadycam. The footage looks more stable. It was heavy for him though and he had trouble keeping it away from his body. At 9 years old, It's hard with his small arms to keep the steadycam from hitting his body.

For the slider, he's able to be constant most of the time but my slider is a cheap one and you have to be very careful when you handle it to be sure it's not shaky. For each setup, I made him do the back and forth movement 3 or 4 times to be sure I would be able to get a 5-6 seconds clip out of if. The light was just perfect on the first slider shot. I love that shot.

Here is the short video I made. All the steadycam and slider shots are from my 9 years old boy. The others were shot on a tripod by myself. I'm really proud of him and he is also very proud of himself. That makes two happy people. :)